Friday, September 26, 2008

More Exciting News!

Well, not only did I get the job with M&T Bank, Jonathan is working for Rexair, Inc. and Aaron got a job with McDonald's today!! He goes to orientation Tuesday. We are really excited about this and hope to be getting in to a house of our own soon.

We're continuing to pray for an affordable house to open up/stay open until we have the money together for the deposit/1st months rent, etc. We looked at one not long ago and as of today it is still available. It is big enough for us all and would be a pretty good fit for us. It's in a good area, close to both schools that the kids go to. I am hoping that it will still be available for us, unless God has something better just as affordable.

Oh, and we had a REALLY good morning! We had minimal tears and no fits. It was great. Cadence has started riding the bus to and from school and the younger three will soon start riding the bus home. Pray that goes well for us as Melody has struggled with riding the bus in the past. They are all pretty excited about it. They are looking forward to Jodie keeping them in the afternoons until Jonathan and I get off work and I am so glad that they will have such good care.

I know that Jodie will take great care of them, just like she does her own son. It's a huge relief knowing that they will be cared for by someone who shares our beliefs. Especially since it's their first "day care" experience.

I guess I'll close for now. Keep us in your prayers! We miss everyone.

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