Monday, September 29, 2008

Prayer Request

Well, now that we have jobs we are more actively looking for a house. As I mentioned in my last post, we found one that is very affordable and would be a great fit for our family. However, housing this affordable usually doesn't stay on the market long. So our prayer request is that we would be able to come up with the money needed for first/last months rent quickly so that we can secure this house and move in.

Kent and Jodie have been more than hospitable, and have told us that we are welcome to stay with them as long as we need to, but I'm sure they would like their house back to normal. It's a new experience for them to have 7 extra people in their home. And as all parents know, it's an adjustment to go from one child in the home to 5 children in the home.

They have been great and we are really enjoying this time to get to know them better, but the kids need us in a home of our own as soon as we can. It will help them to feel settled and make the move seem finished, rather than knowing that we still have a move to make when we get our house.

So please join us as we pray that God keep that home available until we have the money together to secure it. Thank you all for your prayers!! I'll keep you posted!

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